"We must be the change we wish to see in the world."
-- Mohandas "Mahatma" Gandhi

Become a B.O.M.A. Affiliate

B.O.M.A. Affiliation

B.O.M.A. does not presently accept members. However, if in genuine and considered agreement with the six core B.O.M.A. principles, presented below, you may voluntarily declare yourself a B.O.M.A. "Affiliate." Affiliation is free of monetary cost.

The advantages of Affiliate status include:

  1. Affiliate status reinforces your commitment to yourself to the idea of a Cooperative Society, specifically the B.O.M.A. model, to continue studying and learning about it, and to actively spread the word.

  2. Affiliate status signifies to other people the excellence of your social, political, and personal belief system, and the commitment you have made.

  3. The larger our affiliate base grows, the more influence we will presumably have on the general political debate.

  4. The size of the affiliate base serves as a barometer or gauge for me, this writer, in determining if and when to transition B.O.M.A. to a membership organization.

The Six Core Principles of B.O.M.A.

  1. The money-and-profit system of capitalism is the principal cause of just about every problem the world, and people individually, face. This causation is usually direct, though sometimes indirect or exacerbating.

  2. A factor concomitant with, or secondary to, capitalism is human ego, and its often injurious effects upon people and the world. Thus, the love ethic (also called brotherly love or agape) must be taught and reinforced from birth-to-death in the new society, as a counter, and indeed to help ensure that the new society may eventually attain its zenith as an expression of the Brotherhood of Man.

    (Apologies for the old paternal language.)

    The love ethic, as conceptualized by B.O.M.A. and indeed properly understood, is not the passive, wishy-washy, blindly selfless form as generally resident in the public consciousness, but a strong, enlightened paradigm defined as an active concern for the needs and welfare of others, in approximate proportion to our concern for our own needs and welfare. It is an active, powerful form that considers love of other and love of self in approximate balance.

  3. The money-and-profit system cannot be reformed (i.e. improved piecemeal), but must be completely replaced. This is because 1.) the problems caused by the normal operation of this system are extremely severe, and because 2.) this system is notoriously difficult to reform successfully; reforms enacted are never enough to fully address problems, and insofar as they are addressed, improvements are often impermanent and disappear or are weakened as markets and governments change.

  4. A Cooperative System, whereby the economy is democratically managed in an organized fashion by all the people, is the best alternative, and the one B.O.M.A. advocates. "Organized fashion" refers to a formal and official mechanism of global (or national, as the case may be) coordination such as the Cooperative Industrial Framework, capable of providing realistic, meaningful, and credible management to a future global society, technologically and socially advanced, of perhaps 10 billion people. In this regard, the political philosophy of "anarchism" or "anarchy" is not a meaningful option.

    The purpose of this principle is, first, to make it clear that B.O.M.A. is not an anarchist organization, and second, to assert that a "blueprint" for the structure of future society must be in progress at all times, in congruence with the B.O.M.A. theory of Responsible Revolution.

  5. Such a new system must be brought about by peaceful, democratic means, at least in nations with democratic mechanisms that presumably afford such change. Nations without such means must be approached and assessed on an individual basis. The use of violence is eschewed and remains an absolute last resort.

  6. The new system we advocate is a yet-untried Cooperative system, with nothing in common with the Leninist, Maoist, or like systems of nations such as China, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, or the former Soviet Union.

How to Become a B.O.M.A. Affiliate

Voluntarily declare yourself a B.O.M.A. Affiliate in the B.O.M.A. Discussion Forum.

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