"Whether...a change from the supremacy of natural science to a new social science will take place...depends on one factor:  how many brilliant, learned, disciplined, and caring men and women are attracted by the new challenge...."
-- Erich Fromm, To Have or to Be, 1976, p.161

Suppose you were lost in the wilderness, hungry, naked, and homeless, with no prospect of survival. Suppose further that a slaveowner found you, and proposed a deal:  "I will provide you with the means to obtain such things as food, clothing, and shelter," he said--"But in exchange you must become my slave." "Also," he added, "I make no guarantee as to the quality or sufficiency of the food, clothing, and shelter you will receive as my slave. They might be adequate and make you happy, or they might be inadequate and keep you miserable. A very few of my slaves find themselves very happy with what they receive, but there are few such slaves, and even they can't escape the many other hardships of slavery."

"Moreover," he continued, "Throughout your life there will be times when I will throw you off my plantation and you will no longer belong to me, and you will be in grave danger of losing whatever you have built-up or stored; during those times you will again find yourself lost in the wilderness. You will have to endure inconvenience and suffering to try and get back on my plantation, or that of another slaveowner." "In fact," he went on, "Unless you want to go back to the wilderness permanently, you can never escape us, and our system of slavery." "Last," he finished, "Know that throughout your life, as my slave you will be forced to endure many other complexities, inconveniences, injustices, and hardships. Life as a slave is difficult and complicated; your pain and stress will never cease. But this is my price for keeping you out of the wilderness."

"Well," he might enquire confidently, "Do you accept the deal?"

If you were desperate enough, you would probably take his "deal."  You'd have no choice.

Similarly, today. The "deal" offered by the modern-day capitalist in hiring you, is one and the same as that offered by the slaveowner--perhaps with prettier modern packaging, and a friendly smile. If you were desperate enough to keep out of the "wilderness" of poverty and abject despair, as most of us are, you would be forced to take the capitalist "deal."  You'd have no choice.

The modern-day capitalist, like the slaveowner, is going to provide you with a means of survival, just as described, above. But the price they are charging--your freedom--is completely unacceptable. And the kind of "survival" they are offering is highly questionable, itself.

The only real answer, the only permanent solution, is for all the slaves--all of us--to come together to destroy the entire system of slavery, capitalism, and organize ourselves, instead, as one human family, working together in cooperation and love to meet each others' needs.

That's what this website, and One Human Family, is all about!

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