"Whether...a change from the supremacy of natural science to a new social science will take place...depends on one factor:  how many brilliant, learned, disciplined, and caring men and women are attracted by the new challenge...."
-- Erich Fromm, To Have or to Be, 1976, p.161

For the text on this site to appear as intended you must have the Tempus Sans ITC font installed on your computer.

To determine this on a Windows-based computer, click through this sequence of steps:

Taskbar --> Start --> Settings --> Control Panel --> Fonts

Double-click the Fonts folder to open it. Then look at each font alphabetically until you come to the fonts starting with the letter "T." In that area you should see the font called Tempus Sans ITC. If you don't see the font, it is likely not installed on your system.

Installation is simple:

  1. Click here to download the font. Remember your download location.

  2. After download, cut or copy-and-paste the font into your Fonts folder.

  3. Close your Fonts folder.

  4. Shut down your browser.

  5. Restart your browser and go to the BOMA website (this site).

  6. The text at the site should appear different than before. This is what it should look like:

  7. If it does not appear this way: with your browser open flush or clear your cache (FireFox) or Temporary Internet Files (Windows Explorer). Press F5 to reload or refresh the page, then look again.

  8. If it still fails to appear this way, please restart your computer. Then log back on to the Internet, and open your browser to the BOMA website.

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