"Whether...a change from the supremacy of natural science to a new social science will take place...depends on one factor:  how many brilliant, learned, disciplined, and caring men and women are attracted by the new challenge...."
-- Erich Fromm, To Have or to Be, 1976, p.161

Many of the characteristics and problems of modern-day America most criticized by Republicans and conservatives flow right from the compulsive drive for profit that defines modern-day capitalism.

Vilified shows such as Married with Children, for example, remain on the air because they bring in millions of dollars for their creators, networks, and/or advertisers. Shows that titillate often produce big profits, giving producers a tremendous incentive to create and air them, regardless of their long-term effect on the morality and psyche of the nation or its children.

Pornography, of course, is a multi-billion dollar industry, which explains its massive appeal to entrepreneurs of every size and kind. In fact, it was revealed several years ago that some of America's most respected corporations had entered the porn business, typically, for example, by owning subsidiary companies that supplied pornographic movies to hotel and motel chains for guests to view in their rooms. Like Pavlov's dog, the capitalist class salivates to distraction when its own form of stimuli--profit--becomes too overpowering. The status of such niceties as morals, and even loyalty to country, are quickly revealed as the disposable elements they are in the eyes of the ruling corporate class.

Moreover, two of the media vehicles most disliked by many conservatives--FOX television, and MTV--are owned by Rupert Murdoch, himself of a purportedly "conservative" political stripe. A key point is that the corrupt and corrupting environment and operation of 21st century hypercapitalism presents goodies too tantalizing even for conservatives. Thus do we see conservative principals and ideals shoved into the back seat, while the God or Goddess Money forcibly takes the wheel.

And have you wondered why so many young teen and even pre-teen girls now strut around wearing makeup, lipstick, and increasingly, short shorts with slogans, sometimes of a risque' nature, imprinted on the rear end? Such imprints, placed on a part of the female anatomy that naturally draws the eye, anyway, tends to cement the tendency of nearby males, of any age, to look at the rear ends of these girls--sometimes children. And given that these shorts are typically very short and often tight, as well, we see a strong contribution to the further sexualization of young girls.

Moreover, media articles have pointed out that such presumably respected outlets such as the Disney Store are selling these shorts. Perhaps even more notable, it has been pointed out that even lingerie and quasi-lingerie style clothing is now being marketed to young girls by Victoria's Secret and other outlets.

Even dolls explicitly marketed to children, including young children, have not escaped the profit-fueled titillation trend: the new line of Brats dolls are notorious for their very sexy--some would say trampy--attire and shoes. And young girls are eating these "toys" up.

But why are these products--makeup, lipstick, skimpy shorts, lingerie--finding their way into the hands and bureau draws of young girls and children? Because corporations, in their compulsive need to find new markets and garner ever-increasing sales, or die (i.e. get out-competed in the marketplace), have realized that young girls including preteens comprise huge new markets and powerful new sources of sales and revenue. The trend is no different, in fact, than that in the pharmaceutical industry, where we find that the fastest and largest growing new market for anti-depressant pharmaceuticals is pre-school children.

Do you believe that millions of pre-school children are actually in need of anti-depressant pharmaceutical drugs?

A key point, as BOMA contends, is that in all this we are simply witnessing the normal and natural operation of the money-and-profit system of capitalism. From any political or ideological perspective, including Republican and conservative, we can see that capitalism is pernicious and injurious, indeed predatory, and certainly not the best we can do as a human family in the 21st century.

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