Capitalism + Egoism = Dual Root Cause of all Human Problems

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Welcome to the Learn the Issues section of the website of One Human Family. Though they often appear disparate, almost every problem of humankind has a common root, this being the normal operation of capitalism, including its culture of egoism. The purpose of this section of the BOMA site is to present each of these issues, whether poverty, mental illness, crime, abortion, or anything else, and illustrate the key role of capitalism in its development, maintenance, or exacerbation.

Organized as a One Human Family, our global society, including its economy, would be controlled by everyone, together, not just a small group, whether that group was the tiny corporate "ruling class" of the capitalist nations, or the tiny "party" of the totalitarian nations (Cuba, China, North Korea, former Soviet Union, etc.). Economic activity as one human family would occur cooperatively, to satisfy human need and want, not to allow a tiny group of owners or powerholders to accumulate vast riches. The love ethic, also known as brotherly love, would comprise the ethico-behavioral underpinning for the new society.

It would be a dramatically new and different society, offering a way of life we can only dream of under our present system.

The notions of love and cooperation are deceptively simple, yet they are actually and ultimately extremely powerful principles when properly understood and applied. This is why the great teachers, leaders, and thinkers through history, like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Dr. Erich Fromm, taught and lived them.

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The reality is, every problem we face as human beings is either caused  by the normal operation of our money-and-profit system (i.e. "capitalism"), or exacerbated  by it. In fact:  it is the natural, normal operation of our money-and-profit-based system that causes, or worsens, each and every social (which includes economic) problem we face. Thus, if we really want to eradicate these problems, we must begin to work toward ordering our society in a manner that reflects the reality of who and what we are: brothers and sisters in one human family.

This would create a whole new framework that would allow for the solution of many problems that are simply unsolvable under capitalism.

The new Cooperative framework would be broad and flexible, while our present capitalist framework is obviously and undeniably rigid and constraining.

Of course, talk is cheap, and grand and sweeping claims such as these must be supported by the facts and a coherent and credible analysis, or they aren't worth the digital paper they're magnetized on. Thus, presented here is a growing list of issues, analyzed from the Cooperative perspective, illustrating that capitalism is the cause of just about every social problem we face. Read through, and enjoy the refreshing economic and, indeed, moral logic as they wash over you!


Owing to time constraints some essays presently exist in germ form.


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