“If we know how much passive violence we perpetrate against one another we will understand why there is so much physical violence plaguing societies and the world,”
-- Mohandas "Mahatma" Gandhi


Note:  Inclusion of a person or organization here does not mean BOMA agrees with everything they do or say. Further, not every word of every site listed here has been reviewed; if you find a sentiment, view, or ideology which seems especially or pointedly at odds with the twin BOMA values of a cooperative society, and the primacy of the love ethic, please contact us.


The Love Ethic

Keys To Good Health
Unique site devoted to creation and maintenance of health, discussing health, nutrition, and environmental health, and citing brotherly love as the most important key to good health.

Philosophy:  Learning and Doing

Society for Philosophical Inquiry
"...grassroots nonprofit organization devoted to supporting philosophical inquirers of all ages and walks of life as they become more empathetic and autonomous thinkers who take active part in creating a more deliberative democracy."

Critical Thinking

A Field Guide to Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking Resource Page

Wikepedia: Critical Thinking (Overview with many links)

Games & Toys

Family Pastimes Games
Uniquely, this company designs and manufactures cooperative games.

Religion & Spirituality
These links do not promote any particular religious or spiritual system, but intend to assist
individuals who are exploring such issues.


Redefining Work

"We seek to transform the way people think about jobs, work, and money in everyday life."

Political Theory & Analysis

Political Compass
This site features a simple, but unique and very powerful 4-pole political "matrix," providing unusual insight into the various points on the political and economic spectrum on which various political individuals and groups reside. After using the matrix, you'll find yourself experiencing a series of "aha" moments, as the location on the political-economic spectrum of everyone from Joe Lieberman, to Josef Stalin, to Mahatma Ghandi, to George W. Bush, suddenly becomes absolutely clear. The site also features an excellent reading list, categorized by each of the four basic areas or poles of the matrix. This site is indispensable!

Address Mental Health Issues & Assist the Mentally Ill

Radical Psychology Network (RadPsyNet)

"The Radical Psychology Network seeks like-minded psychologists and others to help create a society better able to meet human needs and bring about social justice. We want to change society's unacceptable status quo and bring about a better world. ... And we want to change the status quo of psychology, too. We challenge psychology's traditional focus on minor reform, because enhancing human welfare demands fundamental social change instead. Moreover, psychology itself has too often oppressed people rather than liberated them."

Critical Psychology

"Critical psychology is an effort to challenge forces within mainstream psychology that help sustain unjust political, economic, and other societal structures. ... One of the most difficult things to confront is the belief of most psychologists that their work is entirely apolitical -- they're just trying to help people. In fact, although they are trying to help people, their work often embraces assumptions they haven't fully considered."

Treatment Advocacy Center

Mental Disability Rights International

Promote & Preserve a Robust Public Domain

Center For The Public Domain

Preserve Our Natural Environment

Radio Interview with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
Amazing National Public Radio (NPR) interview of 08-03-04 with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., for his new book "Crimes of Nature." In the interview, he discusses in devastating detail the contempt the Bush Administration has for our environment, corruptly and completely plundering it as a tool of short-term profit. However, since Mr. Kennedy asserts both that "the Republicans are 90% corrupt," and "the Democrats are 50% corrupt," BOMA asserts that the interview can be read more broadly as an indictment of the general inability of our capitalist system itself to properly preserve our natural environment.

Read this interview and say "Wow."

Promote Harmony Among, and Coordinate the Activities of, Nations

The United Nations

Labor Organizations

International Workers of the World (IWW)

International Labor Organization



National Writers Union

United Auto Workers

Properly Constrain the Commercial Sphere

Commercial Alert



The Center For Commercial Free Public Education

Campaign For A Commercial-Free Childhood


Deliver Unreported or Under-Reported News

(...enrich the national debate on controversial public issues by featuring the ideas, opinions, and analyses too often overlooked
by the mainstream media.)

Gregory Palast - Investigative Journalist

News & Reporting

The New York Times

The Wall Street Journal

NOW With Bill Moyers

General Reference Sources

Encyclopaedia Britannica


Protect Yourself From Spying & Surveillance by the Government or Others

Political Research Associates

Ensure Integrity and Accountability of Governmental Institutions & Processes,
Corporate Entities, and Privileged Groups

Public Citizen
("Protecting Health, Safety, & Democracy" - Founded by Ralph Nader)

Center For Media Education

Center For Public Integrity
"The mission of the Center for Public Integrity is to provide the American people with the findings of our investigations and analyses of public service, government accountability and ethics related issues."

Center For Responsive Politics
"...non-partisan, non-profit research group based in Washington, D.C. that tracks money in politics, and its effect on elections and public policy."

The Michael Moore Website


Thoughtful Promotion of the Counterculture and its Values

Radio Unnamable with Bob Fass
WBAI-FM radio host Bob Fass is a counterculture icon! So much more than what this constrained category description denotes! Learn about him, listen to his show! Every Thursday at midnight on 99.5 FM, NYC.

Explore and Advance Human Freedom


Collaborate With Others Creatively to Make A Better World

New Civilization Network

Bergonia - A Very Different Country
(Unique site with tremendous breadth and depth describing one man's vision of what a cooperative society could look like.)

Organizations for Nonviolent Conflict Resolution

Fellowship of Reconciliation
(The Fellowship of Reconciliation seeks to replace violence, war, racism, and economic injustice with nonviolence, peace,and justice.  ...an interfaith organization committed to active nonviolence as a transforming way of life and as a means of radical change.)


These are considered "advanced" resources because they tend to use terminology and concepts, such as "socialism," "working class," "ruling class," and "class struggle," which can be misleading. In examining these resources, please note that these organizations consider themselves "socialist." By this is meant, however, genuine socialism, which is to say as-yet untried democratic socialism, not autocratic socialism as existed in the former USSR, and exists in China, Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela, and elsewhere, today.

We list these resources because, they though do not adhere exactly to the BOMA program and terminology, they do advocate their own version of a peaceful, democratic, cooperative society, referring to such a society as "democratic socialism" or "libertarian socialism." Additionally, they offer a similar critique of capitalism as BOMA. Specifically, those seeking an analysis and deconstruction of capitalism from the standpoint of advocacy of its replacement, must look almost solely to what are considered "socialist" resources; there simply are few, if any, others. All-in-all, then, BOMA asserts that such material can be a useful, interesting, and challenging learning resource, while remaining conscious of the limitations, or at least differences, in perspective usually contained in such resources, and noting that One Human Family, itself, is not a "socialist" organization as commonly understood, as explained here.

Many of the resources in this section support, or refer to, the "industrial union" program of American thinker, revolutionary, and Columbia University professor Daniel De Leon. He conceived, and tirelessly argued for, a particular blueprint or mechanism underpinning a cooperative society:  the "industrial union" program. Some consider this program the best blueprint for, and mechanism to, assist a cooperative society as it comes into being, and then to form the basis of its actual operation. The BOMA program has some intersection with the De Leonist program, but diverges in key respects. For example, there is no emphasis on the critical principle of "agape," (ah GAH pay), also called the love ethic, in the De Leonist program.

The De Leonist program is also considered a "socialist" program, in the fully democratic and peaceful sense described, above. After the Cooperative, love-centered program of BOMA, the De Leonist program is probably the best available for building a cooperative society.

Real World Experience

Before reviewing our BOMA information on, or engaging, the organizations, below, please read a brief chronicle of my experiences in the Cooperative movement.

My narratives include many of the organizations, below.

Create A Cooperative Society


BOMA has begun a formal comparison of its program and perspective with that of the WSM. There is a WSM companion party or branch,WSP, in the United States.

People For a New Society

The individuals in PFANS advocate a modified form of the classical De Leonist program:  they have added the notion of community representation. PFANS has finally established a real web presence. Best of luck to the organization with its new website!


This long-standing group maintains a general advocacy for a cooperative society (i.e. "democratic socialism"). The organization is "multi-tendency," which means there are different sub-groups within the group, each having their own specific views on relevant political issues. All sub-groups presumably agree, however, on the need to transition to a cooperative system.

Please note that, unlike BOMA, the SP advocates many "reform" positions along with their call for a transition to a cooperative society. For example, it officially advocates abortion rights, unrestricted immigration rights, bilingual education, and no official language for America.

BOMA is neutral on all such issues; we see them as issues that persons of differing minds can agree or disagree on; issues subject to good-faith disagreement. Our view is that the sole role and purpose of a Cooperative organization such as One Human Family is to educate about, and advocate for, a Cooperative system and the transition, thereto. It is to educate as to the role that capitalism plays in the generation and maintenance of the social and personal dilemmas embodied in the kinds of problems cited above. Other assumed roles can confuse matters, place focus where it does not belong, and alienate people, especially those with more conservative social views.

This group is widely seen, though not by BOMA, as lacking credibility in the vigor of its revolutionary intent. In other words, it is seen as concerned principally with the work of reform, not revolution.

World in Common (WiC)
A federation of organizations and publications advocating a global Cooperative society, i.e. a new form of society that is without markets and competition, and is democratic in means and ends. This is very similar to what BOMA advocates. As is the case with many such tiny groups, ego, incompetence, and insensitivity are often in the drivers seat, and I have personally found this group unresponsive.

The Participatory Economics Project (ParEcon)

Participatory Economics (Parecon for short) is a type of economy proposed as an alternative to contemporary capitalism. ... The underlying values are equity, solidarity, diversity, and participatory self management. The main institutions are workers and consumers councils utilizing self managed decision making, balanced job complexes, remuneration according to effort and sacrifice, and participatory planning.

Inclusive Democracy Project

"...project for direct political democracy, economic democracy (beyond the confines of the market economy and state planning), as well as democracy in the social realm and ecological democracy. In short, Inclusive Democracy is a form of social organisation which re-integrates society with economy, polity and nature."

Also see their link for the book by Takis Fotopoulos:  "Towards An Inclusive Democracy."


Also espouses the political philosophy of "De Leonism." The SLP, a historic organization now moribund, can still be recommended for its generally excellent educational and reading materials. However, persons interested in actually joining an organization working toward a cooperative society are pointed more enthusiastically elsewhere, as this organization has a longstanding reputation for rigid and autocratic behavior (which is likely a key reason it has become moribund).

Note to the SLP:  BOMA takes no pleasure in the above negative sentiment, and would be pleased to discuss its genesis, and potential resolution.


Site devoted to the political program and philosophy of Daniel De Leon, and the idea generally of a cooperative society. The wide-ranging and superbly organized discussion forum is a principal draw of this site, although forum moderation is inadequate, allowing forum member "Dave Searles" to sometimes post messages that are needlessly contrarian, and sometimes overtly, and apparently deliberately, derogatory, mocking, insulting, or incendiary. DeLeonism.org is a superb revolutionary resource, but watch for this individual.

Update:  Much excellent detailed discussion had taken place in the DeLeonism.org discussion forum, but the forum has been removed, transitioned into the greatly inferior Yahoo! forum; the latter, for example, being much harder to navigate to locate a given subject area. I've exhorted the site owner to re-instate his forum, but it doesn't appear to be happening.

Daniel De Leon Online
Site Devoted to the political program and philosophy of Daniel De Leon.

BOOK:  Seretan, Glen, L. Daniel DeLeon - The Odyssey of an American Marxist.
Important book treating the life and work of Daniel De Leon. As the link to this book can change, we have not linked to it. Please search the web or your favorite large bookstore. Published by Harvard University Press.

BOOK, ONLINE:  Knabb, Ken. The Joy of Revolution.

Amazingly rich, varied, creative, and interesting extended discussion and description of a truly free society.  Somewhat
advanced, and therefore challenging.

Christian Socialist

This organization seems devoted to reforming the money-and-profit system, not transforming it. However, its original founding documents (available at its website) speak of the goal of "common ownership" of the resources required to live and manage society.


Vladimer Ilyich Lenin

While esteemed by some for his theory of monopoly capitalism, it appears equally true that Lenin advocated murder as a political and perhaps personal tool, possessed a view of humanity informed by hatred, and advocated a "vanguardist" understanding of the new society, that calls for an elite party to control everything and everyone. Thus, he is eschewed by BOMA.

Present BOMA commentary on Lenin is here.

Mao Tse-Tung

Reevaluating China's Democide to be 73,000,000

Blog entry by a scholar on the unbelievable number of people whose murder can be directly attributed to the actions of Mao Tse-Tung:  slightly under 77,000,000.  That's seventy-seven million.

Mao:  the ugly reality behind an icon

Christian Science Monitor review of the new book Mao: The Unknown Story by Jung Changand Jon Halliday.

What were Mao's greatest crimes against humanity

Japanese Message Board.

Media Eulogies Downplay Mao's Crimes

Extensive discussion, as stated.

Chinese Government's 1981 Statement On Mao's Crimes

Not in English, but there is what appears to be a summary in English at the beginning of the document.

Che Guevara

The legacy of this Argentinian revolutionary is mixed and troubling. He appears to have genuinely desired a better life for the oppressed and exploited in South America and elsewhere, and devoted his life and blood to the achievement of this goal. Moreover, he was educated, and an intellectual, capable of displaying sensitivity of thought; he even speaks of the role of love in the revolutionary process. Yet, warfare and violence seemed to be his consistent and principal methods of choice to bring about revolution. Moreover, it is not clear that Che Guevara advocated a system of genuine democratic socialism.

Wikipedia states:  "In 2005, after musician Carlos Santana wore a Che shirt to the Academy Awards Ceremony, Cuban-born musician Paquito D'Rivera wrote an open letter castigating Santana for supporting "The Butcher of the Cabaña." The Cabaña is the name of a prison where Guevara oversaw the execution of many dissidents, including D'Rivera's own cousin, who, according to D'Rivera, was imprisoned there for being a Christian...."

180 Victims of Che Guevara in Cuba

~ Advocating Economic & Personal Change ~
One Human Family